Whether it is residential complexes or office buildings, high-end projects or more affordable ones, BLUE Development is able to satisfy every need in an upscale way, while collaborating with the best professionals in the market and using the most forward-thinking techniques available.
With a history spanning more than 50 years, BLUE Development is a real estate development company, bringing together vast experience and a progressive mentality. Having started in the ‘60s as a construction family business, working in partnership with renowned Greek Architects, it evolved into a real estate development business in the 70’s, was established as
ISV + B Development in 2007 and finally, in 2018, it was renamed BLUE Development.


In 2021 Blue Development established a new Venture in partnership with Bluehouse Capital ( under the name BLUE Residences. The new scheme combines the unique backgrounds, skillsets and expertise of its shareholders and partners and focuses in developing high-end residential projects in Greece.


BLUE Residences invests in areas that have the characteristics of the 15-minute city, areas where residents can have everything (living, working, shopping, sports, health care, leisure) within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride. Unexpected events that may happen in everyday life, may lead to stress. The vision is to offer effortless living by using design and technology, to create living spaces that interact with residents, thus offering peace of mind.


BLUE Residences’ professional team accrues more than 30 years of development experience in projects that sprawls across 1 million m2 of building area. With a passion for design and construction excellence, our team integrates uncompromising aesthetic values and high-end technologies, incorporating sustainability practices, resulting to our clients’ well-being and a positive impact to the community.


Sophistication, creative concept-making, high standards and functionality: our choices form our legacy.